Company Overview

The Company was established to provide investors with the opportunity to invest through a listed investment company in an actively managed predominantly Australian equities portfolio with dynamic protection strategies that aim to provide the long term benefits of share market investment whilst cushioning the impact of significant equity market falls on shareholders capital.

Whilst the Company’s primary investment goal remains to deliver the upside of an investment in Australian equities, unlike a more traditional Australian equities portfolio that will remain “fully invested” across market cycles, the Manager will seek to more efficiently and cost effectively manage the downside risks in equity portfolios. 

Investment Objective

The Company aims to outperform the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index by investing in a diversified portfolio of Australian shares while using protection strategies including derivatives and cash to dynamically protect the portfolio through market cycles, thereby cushioning the magnitude of negative returns when equity markets fall significantly.

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy is to actively manage allocations between equities, derivatives and cash throughout the market cycles with the aim of enhancing the long term performance outcomes by maximising returns when markets rally and cushioning the magnitude of losses when markets fall significantly.

The Company will invest in a Portfolio of long only positions in listed (or soon to be listed) large and small cap Australian shares using a bottom up, value-style investment process and utilises a range of asset allocation and derivatives strategies to cushion the impact of significant market falls. From time to time, the Company may hold investments in securities and derivatives in offshore markets.

For more information about the investment objectives and strategy click here to download a copy of the Wealth Defender Equities Limited ProspectusOpens in new window.