The Wealth Defender Equities
Initial Public Offering

The Chairman and Board of Directors of Wealth Defender Equities would like to invite you to become a shareholder in a new company proposing to list on the ASX, Wealth Defender Equities Limited (Company).

The Company is being established because the Board believes that many investors are seeking exposure to an actively managed Australian equities portfolio that aims to provide the long term benefits of share market investing but are also looking for a manager who can seek to cushion the impact of major market falls.

The Company is seeking to raise a minimum of $50 million and a maximum of $160 million under the offer, and will also include Loyalty Options which, upon Vesting, will be exercisable at an exercise price of $1.00 on or before 23 November 2016.

Wealth Defender Equities Limited will be an ASX listed investment company investing predominantly in ASX listed entities in addition to derivatives and cash. The Company’s investment portfolio will be managed by Perennial Value Management Limited.

To obtain a copy of the prospectus please click here.